Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother And Father of The Bride

Mother and Father Of the Bride
Arrival at the Church
I First met the mother of the bride at the Bride's home. in the morning.
Cheerful, and in good spirits. Natalie, and her mother seemed to be best of friends. Later I would find out that they are very close, much like my mother and I are.
I'm sure that you will agree with me that the mother of the bride is beautiful.

The Father of the Bride.
I first met the father of the bride at the church, A man filled with love for his daughter.
His Smile stood out among the many smiles, and you could tell that he was happy for his Daughter.

Now there is so much that I want to write down.... But that All comes later, With the speaches, and I'm not there yet....

Tomorrow will be a small paragraph about the bridesmaids with a bridesmaid spoiler.
Friday I plan on having a church spoiler...
Saturday and Sunday there will be only one spoiler from the church.

Stay tuned for more....

Natalie you have wonderful parents.... You can see the pride in thier eyes for thier daughter, who is an amazing mother and wife.
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