Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Show, Wedding - Miss Emily.

As Many of you know, (Because I haven’t stopped talking about it for the past year)
This weekend I had a wedding to photograph. I also had the Timmins Home Show. So it was the busiest weekend of the year for me.

I’ll start with the home show.

The Home Show started on Friday, 5pm, I love working the home show.
Here are a few rules I’ve put together for people who plan on attending the Home Show next year as guests...
The Designers Unlimited booth is AWESOME!!!
You paid money to be at the home show, It was an effort to go, don’t walk around like you hate the world, and yes we will try to talk to you, But we will not force you to purchase anything. We are friendly, Please don’t walk with your head staring at the concrete floor, And Don’t be a grouch.
We are all Friendly, We don’t bite, Come on into our booth and fill in ballots for the draws, We have a lot of them.

Now to the wedding.

I know that everyone is dying for the pictures of the bride, Well thats why those spoilers will wait.

I’m going to start with my morning getting ready spoilers.
(I work in chronological order so the Morning at the brides house was just completed today.)

This blog is about Emily.

Emily is a Beautiful Very polite little girl, Who like me has a passion for photography, I could almost count on her being behind me taking photo’s, (And I’d love to see what was on her camera)

Emily Made me smile, Always asking me questions about Lens’s, my Flash, and the other little goodies in my bag.

So to Emily,
Here is a letter for you:
Thank-you for making me smile, Remember to
Follow your HEART, and your DREAMS will come TRUE!

Just so everyone else knows, I will be offering a kids mini Camera course to other children aged 9-14 this summer,
The course will be 4-6 hours long, they will learn about a DSLR Camera, Different Lens’s And Compositions. They will also learn about post Processing.
I have yet to figure out all the details. But I will make the course available to others.
(Its Great for the little Photography Enthusiasts)

Emily My Photography Enthusiast

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