Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As one File Closes another Opens

Natalie and Matthew's wedding was a pleasure to shoot. They got full coverage, From 9am to 12am....
I was tired at the end of the night, but this allowed me to shoot from the morning with the ladies getting ready all the way to the cake cutting. What a Beautiful Cake it was too.
Finally after Countless hours of editing (Actually I counted... 84 hours) ... I finished the album, It will complete uploading by tomorrow (hopefully), I'll be able to set the album settings for them and present it to Natalie and Matthew.
I would like to Thank Liisa Sefton
You can find her blog here
for helping me with no hesitation, She jumped on board the for the wedding that was to be both mine and her first official wedding shoot.
She did a wonderful job in helping me, As you can see by her work.
I would also like to Thank Lydia De Cecco (My Sister In-Law) Who Carried equipment, and ran back and forth for lenses for both myself and Liisa.
And Finally to Thank the Bride and Groom for giving me the opportunity to grow my experience, and giving me a chance.
I remember at my "Monkey's" First birthday a year ago now, Natalie first asked if I would do her wedding for her, I did inform her that I had never shot a wedding before, and had very little Idea on how to do it. She insisted that I would do a great job.
As a trial run with them, I did an engagement shoot, (Also the first engagement shoot I've done) All went smoothly and Natalie and Matthew were happy, In fact my shot was featured at their wedding in a 16x20, for guests to sign around.

Now Before I forget I should also thank my Husband "Papa Bear" He was so understanding when he came home from work for the past two weeks he took the kids no problem and and let me work for the evenings. From 5pm to 10pm every night, and weekends I was constantly on the computer. (not to mention the waking up at 6 in the morning, feeding Monkey and Koala, and working till 8...
So as I finish one wedding I begin another.

This Wedding was a 100% Surprise for most.
Melissa contacted me out of the blue...
Some of the message that I got on facebook is below:
"are you busy on may 21, 5pm? I'm having a surprise marriage (tell no one!) at my sons bday party.... need someone to take some pics... "
I was shocked and excited... I checked my schedule... Nope Nobody on that Saturday.
Melissa was so sweet, A Photographer herself, she knew how to pose, I got some great shots and quite a bit to work on for the 3 hours that I was there, Thank-you Mrs. Hutchinson for letting me in on your surprise and congratulations. :)

more on the surprise wedding to come. ...

So I haven't had a chance to blog about my life much, as I have been glued to the computer when I'm not entertaining my children.
So instead of going back and trying to fill everyone in... I'll Just start with last night.
Last night I came up with a brilliant idea, To begin my idea I need several strongly opinionated women who like to write.... If this is you send me an e-mail and I'll discuss the idea with you.
This will launch July 1st.

This morning we went to Hershey Lake, Monkey and Koala and I, met up with Heidi, and her two "F" and "C" Monkey was playing with Miss C, they had so much fun running around on the beach. Both of them wanted to go into the water so badly. While Mr F Slept, and Koala dug in the sand... and probably ate some of it too.... yes Koala who doesn't eat anything eats dirt.
While we were packing up, Koala had a dark brown thing in his hand, I lunged toward him thinking the worst (POOP!) Thank-Gosh, That it wasn't poop, It was a chocolate timbit... Still had to dig it out of his mouth, He didn't like the sandy timbit too much anyways.

Anyways Enough typing, Hayden is done with lunch, and Its time for me to put him to nap and work....

-Kayleigh May
All Things That Grow

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