Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Koala Turnes One

My Koala Bear will turn one this week Friday. I cannot believe that a year has passed us by so quickly.
We threw Connor his party on Saturday(Yesterday) I had a lot of fun putting together his party. Matthew and I chose a sports themed party for Koala, The reason we chose sports is simply because Koala likes to play with any sports balls, From Soccer to tennis he loves things that roll.
Chantal Warren helped me make a banner for the canopy that said Happy Birthday, and the amazing chocolate covered strawberries. I made a beautiful Football shaped cake, And no I did not get a good photograph of it *Tear*

Becoming a Doula

As many of you know, this past weekend I attended Labour Doula Training through H.A.L.O
It was a great class. I learned a lot, and I cannot wait to get started.
If you are wondering what sent me on this journey I will tell you.
My first pregnancy with my oldest son H was a difficult pregnancy, I spent the whole 9 months with morning, noon, and night sickness. at 28 weeks I was told that the baby was sitting in the upright breech position. I did not know much about being pregnant, nor did I know much about birth and my choices. My O.B. then told me that a breech baby was to be delivered via c-section. I was so disappointed as I did know that I wanted a natural birth. When I asked if there were ways to get the baby to turn around she said no, and not to try, that trying to turn the baby could harm the baby. March 2nd 2009 H was born by C-Section. After my c-section I was unable to hold H, I had a difficult time breastfeeding, and felt nauseous and itchy from the morphine that they had given. The 8 weeks that followed were difficult and painful, recovery was hard and having a husband who works in the mining industry meant night shifts alone with the baby, and having to get out of bed on my own to feed baby.
9 months after H was born, I was pregnant again. This time I was determined to have the birth that I wanted. I called the local Midwife and asked if it was possible, I was so pleased when she said yes.

I spent my 9 months reading on birth and my options, I filled my thoughts with positive energy. Be Positive! was my new mantra, Positive in- Positive out. I met up with mom groups and other moms who were going to have a VBAC, and moms who had had a successful VBAC. I enjoyed every moment of this wonderful pregnancy.
I did have some problems with sleeping and comfort towards the end, but with my positive attitude I was able to say to myself that every mom goes through this, Since the beginning of time. Trust my Body!

I was around 32 weeks pregnant when I attended a Preparing for Birth workshop ran by two local Doulas. They were so positive and showed so much trust and faith in a woman's body. This is where I learned about doulas, I had no idea they existed before this.

At 34 weeks I remember having these horrible braxton hicks contractions, and we had discovered that my baby was breech. I of coarse cried thinking that I would have to have a c-section. When I went to my appointment, my midwife told me that there was no reason to worry, There are ways to turn a breech baby.... This was news to me. We tried moxibustion, a Chinese acupuncture method at 36 weeks. While burning the moxi stick by my toe I could feel the baby move around, but was not sure if the baby had turned or not. I also did numerous pelvic tilts on my bed before sleep and on the stair case. "Wash your floors on your hands and knees" the midwife had recommended, Why do you think we have so many more breech babies, we spend less time on our hands and knees these days. I was so excited at my 37 week appointment when I found out that the baby was for sure head down. IT WORKED !!!

I was so THRILLED!

38 weeks and 5 days I went in for an appointment, where the midwife told me I was between 2-3 cm, This was a Tuesday, I joked about going into labour on the Friday and she said that she would be out of town on Thursday and Friday.

39 weeks to the day, Thursday September 9th, at 5 am I was woken with unexplainable energy, I was having contractions. I did not want to believe that I was in labour as I knew the midwife would not be in town for my delivery. I sent my husband to work saying that it was only braxton hicks, I ran a bath and relaxed as a contraction hit me every 15 minutes. As soon as I finished my bath at around 7am I told my mother to call my husband home. I also told him to get a bagel and cream cheese and an iced cap, on his way home, When my contractions were 5 minutes apart my husband was still driving to every Tim Hortons to find me a bagel that I wanted.

He finally arrived home, with bagels, ( that never got eaten )

We went to the hospital when my contractions were 3 minutes apart. I could still text and Facebook on my blackberry. I let everyone know when I arrived that I was between 5-6 cm. I was so Proud that I made it that far.

At 1:38pm September 9th 2010 baby C was born VBAC.
This was my proudest moment! I DID IT!

After this moment I couldn't help but continue to think about it. Days Later I decided I was going to take a doula course... And there I was googling Doula Courses... And I found It... HALO was coming to Sudbury, Just a 3 hour drive.

So there started my journey...
Since then I have photographed a birth and I have two more births booked to photograph one at the end of october and another in December.