Monday, May 23, 2011

Gaining a Son-in-Law.

"We feel that we are not loosing a Daughter, But gaining a son-in-law"

So you havent heard from me in a little while. I have been quite busy trying to get all these edits done.
I have been working through my kids naps, all evening when Matthew gets home, and at 6am while Hayden and Connor watch T.V. and eat breakfast... I'm almost done. I have 3 small sections left.
I can't wait to share them all with the bride and groom. Liisa and I are working everyday now uploading onto our website, we currently have 475 pictures online,
These photographs will be available for purchase for anyone who attended the wedding.

Now to What I wanted to say,
The Speeches...
I loved the speeches, You know when the Photographer is shedding tears at the speeches, that thay are good. They were all Sweet, They kept the speeches short, and the words said had such an impact on everyone in the room.

Here are some of the selection of the parents speeches. I hope you like them.

Kayleigh May
All Things That Grow
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